Core Values

Core Values

Our value creation is anchored in the ability of our people to build and manage relations with our clients and through these, understand and fulfill efficiently many different types of transportation requirements. Our aim is to be considered always approachable, always accountable and always looking to shared value creation.

We can only achieve this by attracting and developing high-calibre talented people, who taking their starting point in our tradition for open and direct communication, combined with a flat organisation and world-class tools, can be given the freedom to develop our businesses.

In JL, we consider diversity as an important and natural prerequisite for innovation and development of the Group. In JL, all employees have equal opportunities to make a career, be this as a manager or specialist. 

We believe that part of a quality service is to conduct business in a responsible manner creating benefits broadly while being open, fair and honest in all our activities.

We consider ourselves a value-driven organization with our core values representing the essence of whom and what we are.


We are reliable.
We are responsible.
We are honest.
We keep our promises.
We stay true to our objectives.


We listen to and act respectfully towards the opinions and ideas of others.
We respect the need for balance and provide room for diversity.
We respect JL’s heritage as the cornerstone of our future success.


We create an environment where skills can be developed and applied.
We continuously develop our competencies.
We share knowledge and experience.


We take pride in what we do.
We share our enthusiasm.
We are dynamic.
We are all responsible for making our work stimulating and enjoyable.
We are curious.


We are innovative.
We are creative.
We strive to find new and better solutions.
We face challenges by seeing opportunities.
We face and solve conflicts.

Team spirit

We are all representatives of the group.
We reach our objectives because we are a team.
We depend on each other and we lead by example.
We create personal success through team success.

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