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Meet our Staff

A photo of Mathias Bowie

Mathias Bowie
Bunker Manager, J. Lauritzen 

Joined J. Lauritzen in September 2011

J. Lauritzen, Bunkers Purchase
The bunkers department is at the heart of J. Lauritzen’s core shipping operations as all vessels need fuel to transport clients’ cargo from point A to B. The department handles worldwide fuel purchases for our two business units Lauritzen Bulkers and Lauritzen Kosan and four major external companies within the shipping industry. All together we cover a fleet consisting of some 300 vessels. On a yearly basis, we purchase about 1,200,000 tons of bunker oil amounting to approximately USD 0.7 billion. Naturally, it puts a bit of pressure on anyone dealing with commodities of such a value.

We send daily reports to our internal and external customers with the latest information on prices, news, worldwide conflicts, etc. After sending the report, the team usually distributes the different bunker requests between the colleagues in the department. We are a very young and dynamic department with three employees located at the head office in Copenhagen, and one in Singapore. Being a small team means that each one of us covers a large number of ships. We tend to get quite competitive internally when it comes to closing a deal since we all want to beat each other’s prices and always strive to reach the best overall result.

My recent work activities
I have made a paper hedge in the US Gulf for Lauritzen Bulkers’ Chartering Department. The hedge was for 5,080 barrels high sulphur fuel oil equivalent to 800 Metric Tonnes. Additionally, I have fixed 530 Metric Tonnes of oil for one of DFDS’ vessels in Copenhagen. This fuel had a sulphur content of 3.5 %, but because the vessel has a scrubber installed, it can easily use a bunker fuel with such high sulphur content.

Education and experience
- AP Graduate in Commerce Management with specialisation in purchasing
- Internship with J. Lauritzen, concluded with a final project on J. Lauritzen and purchasing, which was followed by permanent employment

I know it’s been a good day when...?
When I receive recognition from my colleagues or clients for my efforts, it’s been a good day.
It’s when I feel I have made a difference for some of my colleagues or clients. My job is not all about “cheap prices”. So a good day for me is when I am recognised for my efforts to be creative and for presenting colleagues and clients with alternative savings.


Katie Yeo
Assistant Operations Manager, Lauritzen Bulkers, Singapore

Joined Lauritzen Bulkers in May 2020

Lauritzen Bulkers, Operations
The Operations department serves as the primary link between internal and external parties to achieve efficient commercial operation. Internally, we communicate with our port captains, chartering, and bunkers department. External parties would include the vessel Master, agents, and our charter party counterparts. 

Our job revolves around the planning of cargo intakes, coordinating day-to-day ship operations, planning bunkers, and minimising voyage costs. Our role is dynamic because different operational problems emerge which require us to put on our problem-solving hat. Every day is different for us! 

We currently have 3 operation teams sitting in Copenhagen, Singapore, and Stamford in the US. Each office oversees the fixtures running within their region for efficient monitoring within the various time zones. In Singapore, we would typically oversee shipments under the Pacific book, covering from New Zealand to the west coast of India. 

My recent work activities
Coordination and keeping a close lookout on the vessel’s itinerary are fundamental yet important in our role. For example, recently the owners of one of my vessels advised that the vessel would be delivered to us on Monday, but after checking with the local agents, turns out the vessel was facing serious delays and could only be delivered to us on Saturday, 5 days later than the original advised time. This delay meant that the vessel was running late for her cargo laycan. We informed the chartering department, who were then able to find a replacement vessel to perform the cargo. This improved the overall profit and loss statement since the replacement vessel was fixed at a cheaper hire rate.

Education and experience

  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Bachelor of Science, Maritime Studies 
  • Braemar ACM Shipbroking - Operations (2019-2020) 

I know it’s been a good day when...?
Given that vessel operation runs 24/7, it’s inevitable that sometimes problems occur outside of office hours. It’s therefore a good day when you managed to resolve an issue on your vessel and you can have a peaceful evening after work!

It also makes your day when counterparts or colleagues recognise your work performance. It’s comforting to know that the effort and hard work put in gets appreciated, motivating you to continue the good work.




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