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Oct 29 2013
Class of 2013. Photo by Jeppe Carlsen


Since 2001 Copenhagen Business School has attracted students from countries world-wide to its Blue MBA Programme. The Lauritzen name is embedded throughout the programmes history 

The Blue MBA programme aims at giving participants up-to-date insight into shipping economics, logistics, and modern management theories and their application in the maritime sector. The programme adopts a holistic view of shipping, integrating commercial, technological, and financial aspects as well as maritime law and supply-chain management, in the context of leadership challenges.

In today’s shipping industry it is not enough to be an expert in just one area of the industry: you need to have deep knowledge of industry dynamics and the other players in the field to better understand your own industry and to strategically place your company in the right direction.

Continuous improvement

The programme was launched in 2001, with most of the participants coming from Nordic countries. Irene Rosberg, programme director, explains the programme’s progress: “It was a small class in 2001, and at the end of the programme we graduated only 12 participants.” She emphasizes that a lot has happened since then: “We have restructured the programme to be more suitable for the busy individuals who need to take time off from their work to attend classes; we have constantly improved the level of our lecturers and coaches to make sure that we keep our participants abreast of developments in the maritime industry; and we have enhanced the networking opportunities that we offer our participants.”

Since 2001 the programme has grown steadily. The class of 2013 graduated 37 participants from around 20 countries, with different backgrounds and representing all the different segments of the industry, which shows that CBS’ Blue MBA has enhanced the diverse composition of its students beyond just the geographic level. As the programme director proudly points out, “Today we have 162 graduates sitting in senior positions at many different companies worldwide, and our network continues to grow.” The class of 2015 commenced their academic journey on Monday 23 September 2013 with 40-plus participants.

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