Community engagement
in Singapore

Feb 9 2015
Photo: Michael Molter

We experience a continuous increase in business being created and controlled in Asia, and our office in Singapore plays a very important role for our operations here.

The Singapore office is our largest overseas office, from where more than 35 employees cover the activities in the Pacific Rim.

Our presence and many activities in Singapore mean that we have a responsibility to consider if there are any adverse social and environmental impacts of our operations and to endeavour to mitigate these. Additionally, we must strive to create opportunities for people living in Singapore and to contribute to the continuous development of Singapore. Our focus here has through the years been on education and protection of the environment.

Today, we launch a new community engagement platform on our corporate website. Here you can read more about how our office in Singapore engages in the community.

Later this year, we will launch similar pages for other communities affected by our operations.

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