Community support in Brazil

Oct 1 2012


A Lauritzen Foundation grant to the Princess Benedikte Institute.

JL has a long history of business activity in Brazil that dates back to the days of the reefer trade. Additionally, just a few years ago Lauritzen Offshore (LO ) established its business foundation in Brazil with the accommodation and support vessel Dan Swift (now part of a new joint venture – see article, page 14), as well as three shuttle tankers.

As a way to give something back to the society that surrounds JL’s activities in Brazil, JL and LO jointly applied to the Lauritzen Foundation for a donation of DKK 300,000 to support the work of the Princess Benedikte Institute.

The donation was granted in June. The institute helps children who are born with a drug addiction and/or have been sexually molested. It acts as an independent entity coordinated by the Danish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Brazil, which demonstrates the close link between the two countries.

“The donation from the Lauritzen Foundation is very important since it supports the first Danish social project in Brazil, the Princess Benedikte Institute in Curitiba,” says Jens Olesen, president of the Danish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. “This support will set a new standard for Danish companies in Brazil.”

The Institute is in the process of building a neonatal centre, where infants born with a drug addiction related to maternal drug abuse during pregnancy will be treated and cared for.

The building of the centre has begun and is expected to be completed in August 2013, when it will open with the capacity to treat 40-50 infants. Preventing and fighting child mortality is number four on the list of UN’s Millennium Development Goals for 2015. By supporting the Princess Benedikte Institute, JL and the Lauritzen Foundation are combining community investment with a long-term commitment to help reach one of the 2015 goals. 

“We are always eager to show our support for the local community,” says Erik Donner, president of LO and LT. “This is why we joined JL in applying for the donation to the Princess Benedikte Institute. While our offshore business goals have been largely realised with the creation of a new joint venture, Brazil continues to be a very important market for JL. As one of the world’s strongest emerging economies, Brazil presents many possibilities for JL business units. Involvement in and support of local communities is essential in this part of the world in order to show our interest in the future development of the country. Grants from the Lauritzen Foundation are an important way of helping people and raising awareness of the Lauritzen name – and they make us proud to be part of the company.”

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