IMPA initiates Henrik Steffensen Award

Sep 23 2015

In conjunction with the International Marine Purchasing Association's (IMPA) Exhibition and Conference in London, the Henrik Steffensen Award for "Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Corporate Social Responsibility" was initiated as part of the IMPA ACT Awards on 10 September 2015.

According to IMPA’s Secretary general & COO, Stephen Alexander, "The Henrik Steffensen Award is the most prestigious and important of the IMPA ACT Awards. What is clear for IMPA ACT is that there are certain individuals involved who are absolutely committed and passionate about the initiative” and continues “These are people that are going out of their way to make the programme a success and take it to their heart. This award is designed to recognise those rare individuals that are challenging their own companies to think differently and take on this initiative and in the future it could well be awarded to procurement professionals that stand up and promote the initiative within their own organisations and the wider shipping community."

In March this year, Henrik Steffensen, Vice President and head of procurement in J. Lauritzen, sadly passed away – he was for many years a respected and honoured leader in J. Lauritzen and served as IMPA Chairman until his passing. Mr. Alexander worked closely with Henrik for many years and elaborates on the special profile of the new award: "It is the perfect award to put Henrik Steffensen’s name to because he was all about people and recognising their strengths. This award bears his name in memory and recognition of his personal skills and his individual determination to see IMPA ACT succeed and therefore the award is a reflection on him".

The first receiver identified
The first receiver of the Henrik Steffensen Award was Kathrine Geisler Madsen, CSR and Communication Manager at J. Lauritzen that worked closely with Henrik Steffensen for four years on J. Lauritzen’s responsible supply chain management efforts.

In his motivation speech, given at the Savoy Hotel in London, Stephen Alexander said: "Kathrine Geisler Madsen is the official recipient of the first ever IMPA, Henrik Steffensen Award for outstanding individual achievement in responsible supply chain management for the shipping industry. This award is given in recognition of Kathrine Geisler Madsen's personal endeavour and commitment to the launch and subsequent progression of the IMPA ACT initiative. Kathrine’s energy, passion and sheer determination has been instrumental in the programme's success and her creative and thoughtful approach to communicating this initiative to the industry has been remarkable. The judges felt that Kathrine was this year’s outstanding candidate for this prestigious IMPA Award."

Susan Koefoed, IMPA Chair, said in comment that “I am delighted that IMPA has been able to recognise the quite brilliant and outstanding efforts of an individual that has done so much to see the IMPA ACT initiative succeed. Kathrine has been a driving force from day one of this important industry initiative and I cannot think of a more deserving winner.”

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