J. Lauritzen receives award for responsible supply chain management efforts

Sep 9 2015

Today, J. Lauritzen was honoured with an award from the International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA) for the efforts made within the field of responsible supply chain management.

The award recognises the outstanding efforts and commitment in the field of responsible supply chain management in the shipping industry along with J. Lauritzen’s status as founding member of IMPA ACT.

IMPA ACT is a responsible supply chain management programme developed in close collaboration between J. Lauritzen and D/S NORDEN and later adopted by IMPA, who formalised and transformed the programme into an industry-wide initiative.

The award was presented to Kathrine Geisler Madsen, CSR and Communication Manager in J. Lauritzen by Her Royal Highness Princess Anne. The award ceremony took place at the well-attended IMPA London conference that brings together buyers and suppliers from the global maritime supply chain to learn from each other and discuss the developments and challenges within procurement.

After the award ceremony, Kathrine Geisler Madsen, who has been actively involved in the development of the programme from the beginning, said: “It is a great honour for J. Lauritzen to receive this prestigious award for our efforts within responsible supply chain management. We are part of this joint approach, IMPA ACT, as it is our ambition to ensure uniformity and to avoid suppliers from having to comply with many different Codes of Conduct. Going forward, this will be a cost-effective approach that will mitigate the resources needed for monitoring and audits. As the programme builds on the UN Guiding Principles, the expectations are fully in alignment with the newest and strongest development within the field of CSR.”

D/S NORDEN was also awarded for the joint efforts within responsible supply chain management at today’s award ceremony.

About the IMPA ACT programme
IMPA represents the interests of the purchasing profession within shipping, promoting close co-operation and understanding between buyers and suppliers in the industry. IMPA ACT is a responsible supply chain management programme based on the principles of the UN Global Compact and on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The programme seeks to ensure uniformity and increased sustainability in the global shipping supply chain, by providing members with a common Supplier Code of Conduct as a way to avoid suppliers having to comply with many different codes.

Did you know?
IMPA ACT was enabled by a larger government project called “On Course for a Better World” which identified a need for the international shipping and marine industry to develop a pragmatic response to economic, environmental and social challenges in line with international principles. The project was initiated by the Danish Shipowners’ Association and the Danish Business Authority and sponsored by the Danish Maritime Foundation, Lauritzen Fonden and other maritime foundations. IMPA ACT is initially developed as a complete responsible supply chain management programme by J. Lauritzen, D/S NORDEN, the leading consultancy advisor GLOBAL CSR, experts in corporate responsibility and human rights, together with the International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA).

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