J. Lauritzen share in Marine Money’s “M&A Deal of the Year” Award

Mar 6 2014

In early March 2014, Marine Money announced that their prestigious “M&A Deal of the Year” award was to be shared by Blackstone, Tufton, Barclays, Castel, Tankers Inc. and J. Lauritzen for their joint efforts in establishing Hafnia Tankers Ltd. during the autumn of 2013.

In August 2013, J. Lauritzen one of the three original founders of Tankers Inc. with a 10.1 percent shareholding announced a strategic decision to sell its product tanker fleet. In October 2013, J. Lauritzen announced that its fleet of ten wholly-owned product tankers had been sold to Hafnia Tankers Ltd., a new entity founded on the Tankers Inc. structure. Concurrently with this sale, Blackstone and Tufton merged their product carrier activities into the new platform hereby creating a new and significant supplier in the market for transportation of refined product. J. Lauritzen continue to have a shareholding in the new venture Hafnia Tankers Ltd. of 4 percent.

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Please observe that J. Lauritzen’s shareholding in Hafnia Tankers Ltd. is 4 percent (and not 3 percent as stated in the article).

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