J. Lauritzen supports victims of typhoon Yolanda

Nov 14 2013

In the wake of the devastating typhoon which hit the Philippines on Friday 8 November, J. Lauritzen has donated USD 40,000 to the international medical organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and their important work.

MSF’s emergency teams are trying to reach the worst affected areas with doctors, nurses, surgeons, logisticians, psychologists and water and sanitation experts. Eight planeloads of aid – including medical supplies, shelter materials, hygiene kits as well as water and sanitation equipment – are also on their way to the Philippines from MSF warehouses. There are currently 23 MSF volunteers on the ground on Cebu, one of the worst affected areas, and that number will increase to 102.

"We are deeply affected by the situation as we have close relations with the Philippines both through our crew on the ships and through our local office and other business partners. Our heart and mind goes out to the crews, families and their loved ones that are affected by this tragic event." says CEO & President of J. Lauritzen, Jan Kastrup-Nielsen.

Click here to learn more about Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) important work in the area.

The Lauritzen Foundation has chosen to support Dr. Tay with USD 7,000 through our Manila office. Dr. Tay is a doctor and is affiliated with Lauritzen Kosan where she does medical examinations of the seafarers. She will go on an important medical mission on a ship that is run by the Philippine Medical Association, where she will be with a group of 30 doctors and about 20 paramedical staff. The ship will dock near the two most affected ports and from there the team will conduct medical treatments, surgeries and provide much needed supplies to the victims of the typhoon. The Lauritzen Foundation will follow the situation closely for our seafarers affected and their families.


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