Lauritzen Kosan officer seminar improves vessel performance 

Dec 5 2014

Picture from Lauritzen Kosan’s officer seminar last week, taken in front of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA). Last year, the Lauritzen Foundation made a financial donation for a complete renovation of the PMMA’s kitchen.

Last week, Lauritzen Kosan conducted its biannual officer seminar in the Philippines with focus on energy-efficiency, operational excellence, creation of high-performance teams and anti-corruption procedures on board the vessels.

As a new initiative, the seminar took place at the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA), the marine academy operated by the Filipino government. The venue was chosen as many of Lauritzen Kosan's officers have attended the PMMA and because the facilities allows for diverse course days including team work, drills and morning exercise.

New knowledge and experience applied
The objective of the three day seminar was to further build on the strong relationship between office staff and vessel crews. According to Christian Riis, Head of Marine HR and HSSEQ, Lauritzen Kosan needs to be involved and aligned with its seafarers to understand and improve the daily operations and procedures. He further elaborates on the tangible value of the seminar: “Seminars like this contribute to fulfil our aim of achieving operational excellence. We bring back a lot of new knowledge and experience that immediately can be applied for the benefit of our clients".

During the three day seminar, the focus on energy-efficiency, operational excellence, creation of high-performance teams and anti-corruption procedures on board the vessels were backed by representatives from Lauritzen Kosan’s technical department as well as our Group Legal Counsel. As part of the seminar, a full day was dedicated to team building exercises, where different scenarios were set up to stimulate, train and encourage officers on how to react in emergency situations. The exercises were carried out in groups and the format was well received: “Despite the many different and difficult scenarios we have encountered this week, we still managed to excel because we united and put in a team effort. This is something we will continue to practice onboard” said one of the officers that attending the seminar.

Competitive edge
Back in Copenhagen, Claus Winther Graugaard, Vice President and Head of Fleet Management is satisfied with the outcome of the seminar and proud of the attitude of the seafarers attending the seminar in Manila.

“As always it is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to spend time and mingle with our highly valued and knowledgeable officers. This year with the PMMA event we experienced new elements of strengthening our team performance efforts. We addressed the challenges that the shipping industry is currently facing and stressed that now more than ever we need to stand together and prove the real value and competence of Lauritzen Kosan to succeed. I was pleased to observe the dedication and attitude amongst our officers and that everyone seem prepared to walk the extra mile – with a smile.”

For Lauritzen Kosan, there is no doubt that strengthened collaboration and communication increase vessel performance and ensure competitive ship management.

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