Lauritzen Kosan shares experience on ECA compliance at Green Ship Technology Conference

Mar 12 2015

Claus Winter Graugaard, Vice President and Head of Fleet Management, Lauritzen Kosan.

More than 500 representatives from the international shipping community are currently in Copenhagen, Denmark attending the annual Green Ship Technology Conference where practical and up-to-date information is shared for those interested in sustainable shipping.

The annual conference attracts attendees from the maritime industry participating in interactive panel discussions, break-out sessions, networking and expert speakers sharing best practice and experience on different topics relating to green ship technology.

This year’s conference enjoyed Lauritzen Kosan’s Vice President and Head of Fleet Management, Claus Winter Graugaard sharing experience on ECA compliance. The new requirement that came into force on 1 January 2015 holds 0.1% sulphur requirements and aims at reducing marine sulphur emissions in ECA zones (North and Baltic Sea as well as the US/Canadian waters).

In his presentation, Mr. Graugaard elaborated on how he and his team in Lauritzen Kosan work with change management, crew training and awareness, fuel handling and storage, commercial suitability and the different technical challenges and considerations handled in practice. “My presentation was very much hands-on in regards to how we meet these new demands, how we have work with change management and which pitfalls we have encountered” said Mr. Graugaard after the event, where he was approached by conference participants who wanted to continue the dialogue on ECA compliance.

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At J. Lauritzen, we fully support the new requirements for utilisation of low sulphur, yet more expensive fuels, in ECA zones but we also recognise the obvious incentives for non-compliance. To ensure fair competition, the new regulations call for strict enforcement and this led us to being a founding member of the Trident Alliance in 2014. We believe that global regulation, transparency and proper enforcement is the only sustainable road to reducing the foot print of our industry and we will support initiatives that contain all these elements.

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