Now you see it

Oct 31 2013

From water bottles to automobile bumpers, a huge range of very visible everyday items start out as highly refined and completely invisible commodities carried by Lauritzen Kosan

“What’s interesting about gas transport compared to other shipping segments – bulk carriers loaded with coal or timber, or container ships full of large-screen TVs and refrigerators, for example – is that the commodity we carry is always enclosed and invisible,” says Jogvan Joanesarson, gas tech superintendent for Lauritzen Kosan fleet management. “You know it’s there, you can hear it flowing through pipes as liquid, but you never see it. Which is probably why people generally think of what we carry as gas in a bottle or tank for cooking or heating or lighters. In fact, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas – propane or butane) is the only gas we carry that fits that description. All our other commodities are used to manufacture a wide range of everyday products.”

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