Optimising safe and
fuel-efficient navigation

Jan 7 2014
Deputy Head of Operations, Anne Bruun Larsen and Head of Operations, Claus Mygind, Lauritzen Bulkers

Mid December 2013, Lauritzen Bulkers entered a new partnership to increase fuel-efficient operation in all kinds of weather. The valued partner is WNI weathernews, a Japanese based weather routing service provider that monitors and collects data in real-time, produces live forecasts and provides information on the world’s ever-changing atmosphere to ensure efficient marine operations.

As a part of Lauritzen Bulkers’ ongoing efforts to ensure safe, smooth and efficient operations, weather routing has been part of the operational tools for a while. Claus Mygind, vice president and head of operations elaborates, “The operational, chartering and technical departments work closely together to determine a number of factors that can ensure efficient operations,” and continues “weather is a factor that can have an enormous impact on fuel consumption and time, which is why we have chosen WNI as our new platform for daily monitoring of our fuel consumption and for collection of data to establish more knowledge about our actual fuel consumption under different ocean and weather conditions.”

Enabling significant cost-savings

The new partnership includes Optimum Ship Routing services that delivers valuable information to Lauritzen Bulkers’ operation team and the entire dry cargo fleet based on a live, real-time review of the weather conditions as well as on the individual vessels’ updated performance history. This enables information with up-to-date sailing and arrival times, projected fuel consumption and routing recommendations.

Deputy head of operations, Anne Bruun Larsen, adds: “Without a fixed target and supporting data, our masters may seek routes that are not optimal for us or our customer. With Optimum Ship Routing it is easier for the master to choose the most optimum speed for the entire voyage which obviously will ensure reduction of fuel consumption and at the same time it is possible for us to monitor and advise our masters.”

Furthermore, weather routing can ensure safe navigation since Optimum Ship Routing delivers more than traditional routing services and enables the most effective planning based on past vessel performance and future weather forecasts which will encompass both safety and business planning needs.

All Lauritzen Bulkers’ vessels will utilize the new platform and the new partnership is expected to give significant cost-savings in terms of reduced fuel consumption.

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