Setting the global maritime agenda

Aug 8 2014

Attracting maritime leaders and experts from around the world, the Danish Maritime Days and the Danish Maritime Forum are ambitious events.

Danish Maritime Days is a new initiative started by the Danish government and the maritime sector. Its overall objective is to better promote and showcase the “Blue Denmark”, a term used to encompass all maritime companies and professions in Denmark.

The initiative will consist of a number of maritime events during the week of 6-10 October 2014, which are to show not only what Blue Denmark stands for, but also to bring together a broad spectrum of stakeholders from the global maritime industry.

They will gather to discuss some of the major challenges confronting the industry, such as how to cope with the consequences of globalisation and the significant further increase in maritime transportation demands that are foreseen over the coming decades. The events, including exhibitions, symposia, and conferences – some of them sponsored by other international organisations – will take place all around Denmark.

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