Supporting International Anti-Corruption Day

Dec 9 2014

Today, we mark the International Anti-Corruption Day by raising awareness of our dedication and our work to fight and prevent corruption.

According to the United Nations, the cost of corruption adds approximately 10% to the cost of doing business globally. Operating globally and calling ports around the world, we acknowledge that corruption is an obstacle to fair competition and sustainable development in developing as well as industrialised countries.

Our work to fight corruption in 2014
Since 2011, J. Lauritzen has been working on developing and implementing our Anti-Corruption compliance programme.

In 2014, we have focused on training and conducted anti-corruption compliance sessions for both shore and sea based employees. All sessions have been face-to-face training with focus on compliance, high-risk situations and dilemma discussions.

So far this year we have trained approximately 75% of our shore based personnel in Copenhagen, Singapore, Shanghai and Manila on anti-corruption, including commercial and operational staff, but also staff from corporate control involved in day-to-day economic transactions. Additionally, we have trained approximately 50% of our senior officers in Lauritzen Kosan.

Our aim for 2015 is to further develop these compliance sessions and to train our senior officers in Lauritzen Bulkers.

About International Anti-Corruption day
Since 2005, 9 December has been designated as International Anti-Corruption Day. It is a day raising international awareness of corruption and of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

J. Lauritzen has signed and supports the United Nations Global Compact, a voluntary framework for responsible business conduct. The Global Compact builds on ten universal accepted principles on human and labour rights, protection of the environment and anti-corruption. Tomorrow, is another day marking the fights against corruption as the United Nation mark the 10 year anniversary of the 10th principle of the Global Compact – the principle against corruption that entails that: “Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery”.

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