Tilda Kosan rescues three sailors

Apr 28 2014
The crew of the Tilda Kosan and the three rescued sailors and dog. Photo: Lauritzen Kosan


On Thursday, 24 April 2014 the gas carrier Tilda Kosan was heading towards Altamira, Mexico, when the Captain onboard received a call from the US Based rescue coordination centre RCC Norfolk that people were floating in a life raft approximately 32 nautical miles from Tilda Kosan.

After receiving the distress signal at 20:45 hours (local time) the Captain and crew onboard Tilda Kosan together with the office in Copenhagen swiftly decided to turn around and look for the life raft which was drifting around 900 miles off Bermuda in rough weather (wind force BF 7).

The search went on for app. 5 hours and at 01:55 hours (local time) the crew of the Tilda Kosan finally managed to locate the life raft and rescued the three people - two men and one woman as well as a dog. After the circumstances they were all in good condition and the crew treated them with dry clothes, hot soup etc. The people rescued are two UK citizens, a husband and wife, and one male Belgian citizen. They are now being escorted safely to Bermuda, St George, where they will be handed over to our local agent and arrangements are made in accordance with their wishes.

Tilda Kosan is a 6,387 cbm semi-ref. gas carrier with 15 crew onboard. The vessel was built in 1999 and is registered at the Isle of Man. The vessel is owned and operated by Lauritzen Kosan, part of J. Lauritzen.

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