Tracey Kosan reflagged to Denmark

Aug 13 2018
A photo of the vessel Tracey Kosan

Tracey Kosan, part of the Lauritzen Kosan fleet, was reflagged to the Danish International Register of Shipping (DIS) in July 2018. Tracey Kosan joins the Helena Kosan and Linda Kosan, which were reflagged in January 2018. The latter ships were the first to be registered to DIS since 2003 from the Lauritzen Kosan fleet.

Commenting on the reflagging back in January 2018, Mads P. Zacho, CEO of J. Lauritzen, said:

“The reflagging of these two gas carriers to Denmark is driven by commercial arguments, and it goes to show that the Danish flag is now very close to being as competitive as Malta, Singapore and the Isle of Man. There are still some challenges, but we very much appreciate the clear pro-business signals currently being sent by the Danish political system,” 

Zacho further commented: “We very much appreciate the efforts made by the Maritime Strategy Team initiated by the Danish government, which gave its recommendations in April 2017. The subsequent proposals put forward by a broad coalition in parliament with new and significant measures to increase the competitiveness of the Danish flag have clearly had an impact, shown by the reflagging of our two gas carriers to DIS.”

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