Travel letter From Havana to Svendborg

Oct 9 2015

Dear readers,

We recently travelled from our homes in Cuba to Svendborg, Denmark, to be trained in the Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS). Not only was the trip valuable in regards to our professional development, it was also a great opportunity for us to experience the country and culture from where our company originates and where many of our colleagues are from.

The ECDIS provides electronic maps, which we use on board Lauritzen Kosan’s vessels, and as officers in the gas carrier fleet, it is important that we have the skills and knowledge to safely navigate our vessels.

We attended different classes during the day, and had time off in the afternoon and evening. Here, we enjoyed the recreation areas at the training centre, such as the gym and the billiard room. We also spend our spare time catching up with friends and family online. We are not used to having such easy access to the internet as internet facilities in Cuba are not yet as developed as they are in Denmark and therefore not available to everyone.

A one-day visit to Copenhagen
After finishing the course in Svendborg, we took the train to Copenhagen, where we stayed one night. After checking in to our hotel, we took a walk downtown. We were impressed with the beauty of the city and, in particular, the striking contrast between old and new awesome buildings. After a good night rest at our hotel, we started our long trip back home to Havana.

Although the trip from Havana to Svendborg was long and tiring, with connections in Panama and the Netherlands, we are grateful for the opportunity to visit Denmark as it was a good learning experience. We look forward to sharing our experiences with our families and friends, and to bringing our new skills and knowledge into action when we get back on board our vessels.

Best regards,

David Vazhaevich Dzotsenidze Sanchez, 3rd Officer
Armen Herrera Calzado, 3rd Officer 

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