Two interns join J. Lauritzen Singapore
through the Global Internship Award initiative

May 19 2014
From left: Martin Sato, Managing Director - J. Lauritzen Singapore, Liu Siqing and Hans Benjamin Carter at the Global Internship Award


Today, Monday 19 May 2014, J. Lauritzen Singapore welcomes Mr Hans Benjamin Carter and Ms Liu Siqing who will both embark upon a ten-week internship where they will be exposed to the office in Singapore as well as the head office in Copenhagen.

Hans Benjamin Carter currently attends Singapore Management University and is studying for his bachelor degree in Business Management. Liu Siqing is a student at Singapore Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and is currently completing her bachelor's degree in Maritime Studies.

The Global internship Award
The internship is an agreement with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) , and J. Lauritzen Singapore has committed to take in a number of undergraduates from the local universities and expose them to daily operations for 10 weeks. The candidates for The Global internship Award represent 3 different universities and have to qualify for the internship via their academic results and performance as well via personal interviews.

The Global Internship Award was conceptualised as part of MPA's ongoing effort to promote maritime careers amongst the young talent pool in Singapore and the aim is that this type of partnership between the MPA and the shipping community in the long run will enable a pool of maritime talent to the benefit of all parties. At an award ceremony on Monday 12 May, Hans Benjamin Carter and Liu Siqing and 21 other recipients received their awards marking the fully-sponsored, maritime-focused, ten-week internship with international maritime companies.

According to Martin Sato, Managing Director of J. Lauritzen Singapore the internship serves two important purposes: "I believe that we as a company have a responsibility to play an active role, when it comes to educating young people for the industry. Offering them real exposure to our business during their studies, is a valuable way for them to gain some insights of the industry before they have to make the transition from studies into the ‘real world’." and continues "Just as well as the internship is very valuable for the student, the internship also give us the opportunity to see them in action – it can and has already become an important and very effective way of scouting young talents that we potentially want to take on for permanent positions within the company."

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