Unleashing the potential of
the global maritime industry

Jan 8 2015

At the Danish Maritime Forum held in October 2014 in Copenhagen more than 200 key stakeholders from the maritime industry discussed the future of the maritime sector. While the sector stands ready to meet the increased demand for shipping services, it was also clear from the discussions that global cooperation and joint actions are needed to tackle complex global challenges spanning from emissions to trade barriers. 

The Danish Maritime Days has now released the report ‘Unleashing the potential of the global maritime industry’ that includes some of the challenges and opportunities that the forum identified and how to move forward to shape the future of the global maritime industry.

In the foreword to the report, Henrik Sass Larsen, the Danish Minister of Business and Growth highlights four messages that were addressed at the Forum:

• First, we must safeguard open markets for international shipping. At a time where global trade patterns are changing, this is fundamental for preserving easy access and distribution of food, goods and energy for the world’s population.
• Secondly, we must put smart global regulations in place. We should set targets and conditions for the shipping industry and at the same time give businesses room and flexibility to come up with innovative and efficient solutions.
• Thirdly, funds – both public and private - must be available to finance necessary development of infrastructure that will allow the maritime transport chain to function efficiently from factories to consumers.
• Finally, we must ensure skilled people with the right competences to support the industry. The foundation for our success is our maritime workforce.

The above is based on and quoted from the Danish Maritime Days report.

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